Terms and Conditions of Business

1. Interpretation

In these Terms and Conditions of Business, the term the 'Company' means SKS Media Matters Limited.

The 'Client' means the person, firm or company who accepts an estimate from the Company for its services, or whose order for services is accepted by the Company.

The 'Project' means the finished product ordered by the Client and includes all services and work necessary for its completion.

2. Services

The Company will deliver the services for the pre-production, production and post-production of each project, which may include the hiring of 3rd parties as necessary for the delivery and completion of the Project.

3. Fees

Following an initial consultation with the Client, the Company will provide the Client with an estimate for the Project. This estimate includes, but is not limited to, fees for pre-production, production and post-production relating to the Project. This estimate will be based on the information and requirements provided by the Client.

The Company will notify the Client, where possible during the Project, of any additional fees incurred or likely to be incurred in relation to any additional work relating to the project. The Company reserves the right to charge additional fees incurred, due to a change in, addition to, or departure from, the original Project brief. All estimates exclude VAT.

4. Copyright

Copyright of the video material shot for the Project resides with the Originator of the request for the Project.

The rushes tapes and edited masters (tapes, DVD or CD) relating to the Project, will be stored by the Company for safe-keeping in a secure video library, unless otherwise requested.

The Company retains the right, unless otherwise informed, to show excerpts or stills from the project as examples of The Company's work.

5. Confidentiality

Every project is undertaken as a separate entity on a strictly confidential basis. If required, the Company will sign a confidentiality agreement with the Client and can also provide such an agreement for 3rd party suppliers where necessary.

6. Payment Terms

The Company will invoice the Client for 50% of the estimate, once the Project has been commissioned. The remaining costs will be invoiced on completion of the Project.

If the Project takes place over a number of months and requires a considerable amount of protracted shooting and editing, then the Company will invoice for one third of the estimate on commission, one third on completion of shooting, with the final amount payable on completion and approval of the entire Project.

Payment Terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice.

7. Cancellation Charges

If camera crews, editors or producers are cancelled later than 14.00 on the day before a shoot or edit, the Company reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 50%. However, if the shooting or editing is postponed because of exceptional circumstances due to events beyond the Client's control, such cancellation fees may be re-negotiated. If the Client cancels the project at any stage during the project, the client will pay all costs incurred by the Company up to the date of the cancellation.

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